Beds and Mattresses


Products range from bases, foam and sprung mattresses in sizes ranging from single to king size beds. We also manufacture special length beds to order. Our fabrics are carefully selected and matched to bed ranges. Latest fabric technologies include anti fungal, odor and dust mite protective treatments as well as green eco-friendly yarns made from bamboo pulp fibre.

Many models allow inter-changeable fabrics to facilitate combinations of colour variants.


Our bases are robustly engineered from kiln-dried timbers and are built in-factory by our specialized team. We offer choice of legs and side panel fabric, the latter either matching the mattress or in a suede or or in a suede or vinyl fabric that obviates the need for a base frill and resists scuff marks and dirt. Four or six legs, base heights ranging from 20cm to 38cm depending on model and customer specification.


Our sprung or foam mattresses are crafted using modern techniques and materials by our skilled teams. We use internationally recognized spring systems with innovative foam and spring combinations (such as latex or memory latex or memory foam and pocket zone springs) that provide a dynamic response to natural body movement and reacts movement and reacts intelligently to individual body contours.

Base Colours

Interchangeable Fabrics


Whilst we have a number of different brand names, we are focused on reducing these brands to the two main product ranges for which we own trademarks, i.e. the Etosha and Serengeti ranges.  The Etosha range comprises of lower to medium end models and the Serengeti range medium to upper end models.

In addition, many of our customers have their own labels, either co-branded with MJ Beds or unique to them, particularly them, particularly for their exclusive designs.

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