MJ Beds


MJ Beds (Pty) Ltd is fully owner managed providing its customers with simplified and dedicated access to all aspects of business needs and relationships where required. These needs include inter alia quality, delivery, service, marketing and accounts management.

Smooth operation of the factory is further supported by two floor managers and a customer interface/accounts manager boasting a combined 40 years experience in MJ Beds. Factory staff average 12 although these numbers are supplemented by additional workers in times of higher productivity.

Our Team

We have a qualified team to handle each and every stage in the production process to make our beds and service stand out in the market place.  There is no compromise in our quality, pricing, timely delivery and after-market service – and that is why our valued customers keep on coming back!

Business Model

Our business model is based on our sincere commitment, dedication and hard work that satisfies our customers with high quality products and service. Products encompass all standard and non-standard bed sizes with a variety of product models to suit customer requirements.

Our Suppliers

With respect to manufacturing inputs and outputs, our choice of suppliers is driven by primary considerations of quality, consistency of supply and service.  Our Materials and services therefore represent some of the most respected and well known suppliers in the industry, with global standards of quality and product.